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MeWe Productions LLC specializes in the production of integrated media (music, video, and graphics) for both recorded and live applications. Working in both the commercial and educational fields, they pride themselves on providing a high level of personalized service that meets both the commercial and artistic needs of their clients.

For commercial clients, MeWe Productions has created original, live, and pre-recorded music, radio and television commercials, audio books, presentational materials, and original background and foreground music as well as producing a large number of live events integrating sound and visual images. Commercial clients have included:

MeWe Productions has also created a number of recordings for use in music libraries, including recordings of Christmas music for EMH Classical Music and the Warner Chappell library.

In 2010, MeWe released it's first commercially-available CD - Christmas Cometh Caroling: The Complete Alfred Burt Carols, and followed that up in 2011 with Christmas Tapestry (featuring the ensemble Blend5) and in 2012 with the release of Songs of the World. All three CD's are available from a variety of online sources. A DVD of history of the LDS hymn Where Can I Turn for Peace was released in 2013. The most recent release, Christmas Classics for Acoustic Guitar and all of the other works can be purchased or downloaded from our "Buy" page.